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Quickest way to copy files from GAC

Posted by namwar on May 30, 2009

Yes, I know how painful it is to realize that you can not copy an assembly out from Global Assembly Cache (GAC), at least not by usual way of copying a file from a windows folder. Don’t worry, there are some ways to do it and the quickest way to browse the GAC and copy files from it is to just map a drive on Windows\Assembly folder.

Here you go, 

  1. From Start-Run type cmd to launch command prompt
  2. Type subst Z: C:\windows\Assembly and press Enter
  3. Thats it!

Now, you got a drive Z which is mapped to your GAC folder and you can easily open it in Windows Explorer and copy files from it.

Isn’t it easy?


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User Profile Import is not updating changes in Manager property of Active Directory

Posted by namwar on May 25, 2009

Some of you might have experienced an issue that if you update manager  property of any user in Active Directory, it does not get reflected in SharePoint Profile Import. This issue has been identified as a bug in Profile Import and can be fixed by Installing Service Pack 1 of MOSS/WSS.

The reason behind this bug is that SharePoint Profile Import does not detect change in Manager property due to some weired reasons.

If you can not install service Pack 1 then you can fix it by implementing a workaround as follows:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration
  2. Navigate to your SharedService Provider e.g. SharedServices1
  3. Under User Profiles and MySites click User Profiles and Properties
  4. Under User Profile Properties , click View profile properties
  5. Click New Property
  6. Add ModifyTimeStamp property and map it to ModifyTimeStamp property of Active Directory.
  7. Click OK
  8. Perform Full Import of user profile
  9. Perform Full Crawl and you are done!

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