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Solution for Zero Byte SharePoint 2010 Log files

Posted by namwar on April 5, 2010

If your SharePoint 2010 Log files are of  zero byte i.e. SharePoint is unable to record the Log information then perform the following steps to resolve it

  1. Make sure the login account of “Windows SharePoint Services Tracing V4” is member of Local Administrators group.
  2. Make sure you have restarted the “Windows SharePoint Services Tracing V4” service after performing step 1.

2 Responses to “Solution for Zero Byte SharePoint 2010 Log files”

  1. This happens in 2007 as well, I changed the service to run as local system on my dev box and my log files returned…Joys of Sharepoint!

  2. Eric S said

    I just added the named account for the SharePoint 2010 Tracing service to the Performance Log Users group and logging began working based on this article on SP2013

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